• Many associate illness and disease with prescriptions and interventions such as surgery. Allopathic medicine and science have traveled a narrow path built on chemical substances and sharp instruments rather than energy. But the ancients recognized sound, vibration, and frequency as powerful forces that influence life all the way down to the cellular level...

  • Just look at the Aborigines in Australia, who have been healing the sick and soothing the mentally ill for at least 40,000 years using the low vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo. HUSO combines this ancient tradition with modern acoustic technology; the company essentially remixes the vocals from sound healers with vibrational frequencies and sound engineering for maximum relaxation... 

  • “In the future, we might be able to heal with sound” With Lily Whitehawk and Fotis Georgiadis. "I would love to inspire a movement to include as a required part of everyone’s formal education a significant time spent learning experientially from cultures and people who have maintained the core knowledge of how to thrive totally off the grid..."

  • “Don’t get frustrated by others who don’t see it the way you do as they may not be able to think outside the box and have a larger vision” With Larry Doochin & Fotis Georgiadis. "Don’t get frustrated by others who don’t see it the way you do as they may not be able to think outside the box and have a larger vision..."

  • HUSO is a patented health technology that uses sound frequency therapy to ease health issues from anxiety to insomnia, in the comfort of your home...

  • New sound technology is making waves in the field of frequency medicine! The technology takes ancient sound healing from a variety of traditions, largely Native American, and builds on it by changing your biology using sound directly at the cell and nervous system level...

  • Health startup doubles sales ahead of new round of funding. HUSO, short for human sound, has Jumpstart Foundry backing and Tennessee Titans as clients...

  • If we told you sound could change your life, would you listen?


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