Gabe Davis

NFL Wide Receiver


"Having a strong work mentality, HUSO helps out tremendously with preparation, execution, and recovery. It helps me focus in the moment on the task at hand whether it be a long session in the weight room or a grueling high intensity workout on the field. HUSO is a winner."

Derrick Morgan

Retired Linebacker, Tennessee Titans


"I was referred to HUSO by someone who said it would make you feel "relaxed". After my first session, it did just that. However, I noticed several additional benefits such as a calmness of mind. I was able to compete at a high level due to an increased level of focus and clarity. It seemed as if the game slowed down for me and I was able to just flow. I am a big believer in taking care of your mind first in order to take care of the rest of your body and HUSO has been a welcomed addition to my overall training regimen." 

Jason Demers

Defenseman NHL, Arizona Coyotes


"As a pro athlete, rest, recovery, and mental focus are all critical to performing at a top level. HUSO delivers strongly on all three. It has helped with my recovery and sleep, increasing my energy level for training. It has been a pleasure to use and I am recommending it to my training staff with the Coyotes."

Michael Coyne

Extreme Athlete


“I am a mind machine junkie! I love light and sound technology meditations. Then I found HUSO. It was so much more than a mind machine, it’s like a mind-body machine! It helps me stay grounded and with ADD and PTSD that’s something I desperately need.

I use my HUSO daily and all areas of my life fall together and feel normal, which is to say, happy. It enhances my meditation practice more than any other wellness technology."

Ben Hoffman

Pro Triathlete, Ironman South Africa 2019 Champion


"We live in a world that feels like it is competing non-stop for our attention. As an athlete, much of my daily focus is on the recovery of my body, but oftentimes the mind is neglected as we concentrate on the latest physical modalities for healing and rest. HUSO allows me to tune out some of the extra noise and create a calming space for more complete mental recovery. The effort is minimal on my end, but the benefit is substantial. Take a moment to establish a new ritual of slowing down in this fast-paced world."

Sika Henry

Elite Triathlete, 2x Marathon Winner


"After a severe bike crash in April, I was struggling physically and mentally. I decided to give HUSO a try. As soon as I started using the programs I found myself in a Zen like state almost immediately. I believe relaxation is one of the keys to healing the body and mind, so I would definitely recommend HUSO as an aid to recovery."

Randy Huntington

Head Track and Field coach, Chinese National Team


“Now he won’t give HUSO back. That is as strong a statement of support for its function that I can pass on. When the athlete refuses to give it back because they feel it is helping… that says all that needs to be said and more! Personally I like what it is doing for him. Since Su [Bingtian, top sprinter in Asia and one of the top ten ranked sprinters in the world] started training with HUSO, I have noticed a marked improvement in that he is more open to change, a bit more relaxed in his approach, and he is much easier to communicate with.”

John Arias

Pro Cyclist


"As long as I can remember in my adult life, I always had difficulty falling and staying asleep. In order to perform at your best in every aspect of your life, you need to get quality sleep, every night. As a professional cyclist, I've been looking for a solution to my problematic sleeping. When I found HUSO, I decided to try it. I've been using it since then. It helps me to put my mind to rest before I fall asleep. It relaxes my mind and body, therefore I'm able to recharge overnight without tossing and turning, or staring at the ceiling. My cycling performance has improved tremendously, my mood is better throughout the day, and I actually look forward to a restful night's sleep now."