Human toning is the generator and carrier of HUSO frequencies.

Human-generated sound is exponentially the most effective carrier and delivery system of beneficial frequency to the body compared to frequencies or tones that are machine or digitally produced, or tones created through the use of musical instruments, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.

The body is hard-wired to most readily resonate to and entrain with the human voice.

The human voice can elicit not only a physiological response but often a powerful, transcendent and transformative emotional one as well.

HUSO toning was sung with a strong intention to help people at many levels.

Quantum physics has shown that the intentions/thoughts/beliefs of the observer wield a powerful influence over reality. In his groundbreaking research, Dr. Masura Emoto showed that beautiful crystalline shapes in water can be produced using healing words such as love or kindness.

The sounds in a HUSO unit are configured in "lossless" mode.

HUSO* sounds have not been digitally compressed as most music and sound recordings available through the internet are. Our unique tones contain subtle frequency ranges that deliver corresponding health benefits that would be lost if digitally compressed. 

(*Because HUSO on the GO WEARABLES + APP delivers our technology to you using your phone or tablet, some digital compression is necessary due to the requirements of these devices. However, you will still see results and benefit greatly from the experience )

HUSO uses sound as the carrier of frequencies

Our bodies are 60% to 75% water. Sound waves are capable of penetrating more deeply and for much longer distances in a liquid medium than light waves.

Water molecules surround and are contained within our DNA, RNA, and mitochondria. The ability for these cell components to function, to send, receive, and properly interpret inter and intra-cellular signaling at an optimal level depends to a great extent on the structural integrity of this surrounding water, which can be destabilized by toxic substances and certain electromagnetic signals.

Laboratory tests have shown that specific frequencies within the range of the human voice and their harmonics can re-form destabilized water molecules back to structural integrity and that this, in turn, can significantly improve the performance of in vitro DNA.

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    HUSO achieves a comprehensive whole body effect by delivering frequencies directly to the brain through the auditory cortex (headphones) as well as through the use of pads on acupuncture meridians to achieve a comprehensive whole body effect.

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    HUSOPRO utilizes a simple pre-screening method that eliminates practitioner bias and allows the body to speak to which of the frequencies it needs. We then create a custom program for that client using those specific frequencies. Restoring the healthy resonant frequencies in the body allows the immune system to operate at an optimum level.

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"As a pro athlete, rest, recovery, and mental focus are all critical to performing at a top level. HUSO delivers strongly on all three. It has helped with my recovery and sleep, increasing my energy level for training. It has been a pleasure to use and I am recommending it to my training staff with the Coyotes."

-Jason Demers
Defenseman NHL, Arizona Coyotes

Each HUSO frequency is a composite of a base tone and several other harmonics of that tone.

This unique configuration increases the power and effectiveness of the tone by creating a specific oscillating vibration capable of harmonizing and stabilizing destabilized frequencies in the body.

HUSO technology utilizes the fascia (the connective tissue encasing all body structures, including the nerves) as the information highway to distribute healthy frequencies throughout the body.

HUSO frequencies are introduced to the body through pads placed on specific acupuncture meridian points, generating a sympathetic resonance in the fascia. This sparks a piezoelectric response in the cells of the fascia that creates information-carrying biophotonic signals which distribute the introduced frequency throughout the body.

We believe the organic electromagnetic signals created and introduced to the body in this way are more natural and effective at restoring health and harmony than man-made electromagnetic signals generated through digital or electronic means.

A number of researchers, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of "The Biology of Belief," have referred to the cells of the body as liquid crystals in terms of their properties and alignment. Dr. Lipton demonstrates how, when certain types of protein molecules are exposed to an energy source such as light or radio wave sound or a harmonic frequency, they will resonate sympathetically with it and can even change physical shape. Crystal-like proteins are able to take in energies and transform them into a biologically active signal.

HUSO pads and wireless sensors contain a high-grade lab-grown crystal that acts as a storehouse and amplifier of energy.

HUSO wrist and ankle pads deliver healing frequencies to the body while you listen. These frequencies have a calming effect on the nervous system.

HUSO delivers its frequencies via analog transmission into acupuncture meridians of the body.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, author of "The Body Electric," played a key role in furthering an awareness of the electric potentials of organisms through his research. In his game-changing book, Dr. Becker describes the properties of the connective tissue layer (or fascia) surrounding the nervous system, and how this tissue acts as a secondary nervous system.

The classical nervous system transmits information through digital signals that work in an all or none, on/off fashion. In contrast, the more ancient secondary “nervous system” transmits information as slow analog direct current waves. Instead of point-to-point signaling provided by the classical nervous system, the secondary system transmission spreads throughout the entire body. Dr. Becker, along with other researchers proved that acupuncture points and meridians serve as input channels and low resistance pathways throughout the body.

(*Because HUSO on the GO WEARABLES + APP delivers our technology to you using your phone or tablet, some digital compression is necessary due to the requirements of these devices. However, you will still see results and benefit greatly from the experience.)


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