Sara W.


“We have been very pleased with the HUSO treatments for our nine year old daughter. She is a highly sensitive child who experiences difficulty in being able to calm herself on a consistent basis. I have brought her to In Harmony for treatments when she is in the midst of a difficult time of being able to regulate and control her emotions. We have been so amazed and pleased that after a treatment and a good night’s sleep, she is able to regulate her emotions once again and handle the daily stress of school and life. At school, she would get frustrated easily and the treatments have allowed her to have better control of herself. Her teachers have also noticed this change in her. Its as if an emotional weight has been lifted off of her overnight. We are so thankful to have found In Harmony and that we’ve seen such great improvements in our daughter’s well being.”

Susan B.


"This is a life-changing machine and definitely worth the money. Since using the ‘relief’ program, I’ve been able to reduce the pain medication for my back and have gone from waking up every hour, to only waking once or twice a night. It’s also very calming and an excellent meditation tool, particularly if you find it hard to stay still for longer than five minutes. To top it off, the customer service is outstanding! Thank you HUSO for this excellent product."

WeiKheng F.

Los Angeles, California


“I use HUSO on my 23-year-old son who has difficulty keeping focus and track of what he is doing. After using the home unit, he reports a significant increase in his concentration level, and ability to sleep more soundly. I observe that my son seems more focused and less distracted. I just wish I had this machine a few years earlier when my son was in High School where the benefits would have been extremely useful to him then.

I've also used HUSO on a good friend of mine, and the results were a dramatic increase in his ability to concentrate and a more calm demeanor observed not only by this person, but also noticed by me.

I use the HUSO machine on myself often. I find the Clarity mode to have the most benefit for me. I suffer from debilitating chronic pains, and I have trouble keeping focus as well as suffer from insomnia. While HUSO helps me in both areas, the most benefits I notice are my ability to keep alert, concentrate better, and have a higher level of energy within me that lasts for a few days each time I use the machine. HUSO is amazing for what it can do and I'm very happy with my investment!"

Marc L.

Charlotte, NC


"HUSO has had a profound impact in my life. I run three to four times per week and I am always able to concentrate and focus much better after I run. It has also greatly helped my overall attitude and psyche. I have recommended HUSO to a number of people who deal with ADD, ADHD, and depression."

Brandon J.

Los Angeles, CA


I am someone who has studied and practiced meditation for over 3 decades, but still could not quiet the mind to get to that mystical deep state that I’ve  been on a quest to attain for so long.

All the practice and study and mindfulness could not quiet my ADHD mind until HUSO.

Here’s what I have discovered in my first three weeks with my HUSO:

1. The first 2/3 of each program seems to prepare you for the last third, which takes your mind to a place I have NEVER experienced before.

2. The last ten minutes of each program literally plunges your mind into deep, profound quiet, allowing you access to true and complete mindfulness.

3. All these years of hard work, study and practice has been preparation for what the HUSO promises and delivers with ease and true bliss.

HUSO may be magic, it may be science and it may well be a miracle, but NO KIDDING, HUSO has made a world of difference in my life and elevated my practice of mindfulness to a warm, rich, beautiful space of joy and gratitude.