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Paul Anderson RPSGT

Clinical Director, St. Thomas Hospital Health - Sleep Center


"I am the clinical director for the St. Thomas Hospital Health system of sleep centers. I have been in the sleep medicine field for over 20 years. I recently used HUSO and was completely amazed at how my body felt after just one session. I distinctly remember hearing the various tones, and then simply went somewhere just as the third series of tones began. The next thing I remember was the practitioner opening the door. My entire body was calm and extremely relaxed.

I have worked with patients over the years who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, restless legs, and sleep apnea. I truly believe there is a large segment of the sleep patient population that would greatly benefit by using HUSO."


Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

World Renowned Holistic MD + Founder of Klinghardt Academy and Sophia Health Institute


"HUSO is the perfect complement to our treatment protocols. I find it balances the autonomic nervous system allowing patients to go more deeply within after treatments. HUSO is an excellent meditative and relaxing technique that can activate the higher levels of healing and can potentiate most other treatment modalities."


Derrick Morgan

Linebacker, Tennessee Titans


"I was referred to HUSO by someone who said it would make you feel "relaxed". After my first session, it did just that. However, I noticed several additional benefits such as a calmness of mind. I was able to compete at a high level due to an increased level of focus and clarity. It seemed as if the game slowed down for me and I was able to just flow. I am a big believer in taking care of your mind first in order to take care of the rest of your body and HUSO has been a welcomed addition to my overall training regimen."

HUSO how it works

Dr. Lissa Rankin

author of Mind Over Medicine and numerous other NY Times bestsellers


“I feel so grateful to have received HUSO just before the pandemic hit. Personally, I am very sound sensitive, which makes normal modern living hard. Fortunately I live in a place where the predominant sounds are those produced by the natural world. Even still, trauma happens, and in such times HUSO has turned out to be such a blessing. Because I am so sound sensitive, I also respond in an exaggerated way to sound healings, music and other healing sounds. While others who are less sensitive might respond differently, I experience HUSO as a rapid portal to an altered state of embodied consciousness, not transcending this reality or bypassing my humanity, but feeling more present, more relaxed, more in my body, more in touch with my emotions, more anchored in awareness, and more grounded in times of rapid change. WHile expensive at a time when many do not have the financial resources for luxuries such as this, if you can afford it and you crave a way to deepen into the relaxation response, I recommend HUSO wholeheartedly.”


Susan Rohr BSN, RN

Owner of Brookfield Health and Wellness


"HUSO created a deep and vital shift in my entire being with one treatment. As an integrative practitioner, I am very selective in equipment therapy that I bring into my clinic for my Lyme, chronic infection and cancer-based patients. HUSO brings an element of healing that patients of all ages will benefit from on a physical, emotional and spiritual level."

Dr. Louis Esquivel

San Antonio, Texas


"As a holistic physician, bringing healing and balance to the whole patient includes addressing the biological, mental/emotional/spiritual and energetic systems of the person. HUSO sound therapy has become my primary modality of choice to help patients re-center their energetics as well as bring calm, deep rest and rejuvenation to body and mind. I am grateful that I can offer my patients such an easy to implement and deeply effective therapy such as HUSO!"

Dr. Rekha Rao



"I use HUSO therapy for my patients with anxiety and insomnia. They are able to sleep better and deeper. They notice that their mind is calmer and they have more clarity of thought."


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