WeiKheng F.

Los Angeles, California


“I use HUSO on my 23-year-old son who has difficulty keeping focus and track of what he is doing. After using the home unit, he reports a significant increase in his concentration level, and ability to sleep more soundly. I observe that my son seems more focused and less distracted. I just wish I had this machine a few years earlier when my son was in High School where the benefits would have been extremely useful to him then.

I've also used HUSO on a good friend of mine, and the results were a dramatic increase in his ability to concentrate and a more calm demeanor observed not only by this person, but also noticed by me.

I use the HUSO machine on myself often. I find the Clarity mode to have the most benefit for me. I suffer from debilitating chronic pains, and I have trouble keeping focus as well as suffer from insomnia. While HUSO helps me in both areas, the most benefits I notice are my ability to keep alert, concentrate better, and have a higher level of energy within me that lasts for a few days each time I use the machine. HUSO is amazing for what it can do and I'm very happy with my investment!"

Luvie B.


"I have had HUSO for a year and a half and it is wonderful. I sleep better and also have more energy when awake. I also feel more focused. My daughter has debilitating chronic migraines and lupus and she has been using my HUSO and it helps her to relax and calm herself when it seems nothing else will. For us HUSO has been a blessing and well worth the cost. I look at it like this : most people will spend many hundreds of $$ on a TV, if not thousands....which is simply for entertainment, why not spend less on something of mental and physical health value?"

Rachel L.


“Prior to experiencing HUSO, I was familiar with research regarding the balancing properties of sound frequencies. In fact, I often use sound in my Reiki healing practice. HUSO takes this to a completely new level by revolutionizing the use of harmonic frequencies to produce wholeness on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. I felt calmer, healthier, and more grounded after just one treatment. In addition, I noticed more energy and mental clarity throughout the day. I strongly recommend this modality as a part of an overall wellness plan, as it can optimize other therapeutic methods and techniques.”

Phillis M.


"The energy that I was in during May was chaotic and intense. I decided to not be "reactive" to my environment, letting it impact how I felt, physically and mentally. I became "proactive" by changing the energy/frequency of my body and energy system by using the HUSO for rest periods and at night to attain a good restful, rejuvenating night's sleep. The HUSO puts me into a relaxed proactive powerful state better than anything else I've tried. It is very relaxing and I would fall asleep in one session, waking feeling relaxed and ready to get back to work. The HUSO was a tremendous help with relaxing sore muscles and joints as the "rest" is so deep. We were in a hotel for almost 3 weeks until we could close on our new home. The HUSO was perfect for helping me to fall asleep and rest peacefully in this noisy environment. I love my HUSO!!! Don't know how I would have made the move without it. I stayed calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. Can only attribute this state of mind to HUSO's help. My HUSO is a wonderful gift to my physical and emotional body. Thank you, HUSO team!" 

Peggy N.


"I ordered My HUSO unit and used it on Relax for the first 3 days. I fell asleep on my couch and slept so hard for three hours. I was using vibrational beats from youtube with ear buds at night which was SO uncomfortable. This unit is amazing. The relaxation that I have experienced just from using it less than a week has helped me so much. The lasting effect is what impressed me. I wake up refreshed and have found I don't need three cups of coffee to get me going. I sleep deeper and more rested. Thank you again for taking vibrational healing a step above the norm!" 

Mary R.

Bayfield, WI


"It's been almost a month since I received HUSO and I am most impressed. My own personal gains include increased energy, decreased anxiousness, better sleep, less reaction to negative energy, a sense of confidence and an ability to be in the moment. Wow! Pretty nice results! Thank you! My whole being is drawn to the tones, so if I miss a day, I know it! Physically, while running the session I can sometimes feel healing taking place...slight physical reactive/uncomfortable sensations followed by release. Thanks so much for all you are doing to help bring the planet to greater awareness and health." 

Donald C.

Toronto, Canada


"I’ve been having great results. It’s very good for clearing the mind and relaxing the body. I’ve experienced traditional sound therapy in the past (chanting, didgeridoo, crystal bowls etc.) and believe this offers similar benefits. The good thing is you can use it daily! After my HUSO sessions I’ve felt relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed."