How Can Human Sound Heal Us?

Human-generated sound is exponentially the most effective carrier and delivery system of beneficial frequencies to the body.

Our brain and body are hard-wired to readily resonate and entrain with the human voice. In other words, when our cells pick up on human sound frequencies, their own energy field will naturally harmonize with those frequencies, allowing them to send and receive signals from our brain, neurons, and other cells more easily.

The human voice can elicit not only a physiological response but often a powerful, transcendent and transformative emotional one as well.

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HUSO Sound vs. Digital Sound: What's the Difference?

The sounds in our HUSO PRO and HUSO HOME unit are configured in "lossless" mode. They have not been digitally compressed as most music and sound recordings available are. This allows you to experience the full range of sound without sacrificing all the subtle frequencies and harmonics that are lost during sound compression. (Because HUSO On The Go WEARABLES + APP uses your phone or tablet to deliver the HUSO sound experience, there will out of necessity be some digital compression of our tones due to the device requirements; however you will still receive powerful benefits from the programs.)

Our unique sound found in HUSO PRO, HUSO HOME and HUSO On The GO is produced by the human voice as well as the natural world and then modulated using HUSO’s patented process.

Our tones contain base frequencies as well as subtle harmonics and frequency ranges delivering corresponding health benefits to body, mind and spirit. These subtle harmonics would be lost if these frequencies were digitally or electronically produced.

In contrast, frequencies that are machine- or digitally-produced using a tone generator offer only one isolated sound wave pattern. Or in the case of synthesized sound, because of the nature of the digital source, the sound is compressed and lacking the full range of harmonics and vibrational variation produced by a natural sound source. While this single frequency might be "perfect on paper," it's been stripped of the variability that makes that tone fully beneficial to the entire body. This “single tone” form of sound does not occur in the natural world and is often felt as harsh and unnatural by the body and mind.

Even tones created through the use of musical instruments, singing bowls, or tuning forks, which do have their own benefits, do not provide the same level of entrainment and total-body response as the human tones in HUSO.

Sound Therapy vs. Light Therapy

We use sound as the carrier of frequencies throughout our bodies at the cellular and systemic levels.

Why? Because our bodies are 60% to 75% water.

Sound waves are capable of penetrating more deeply, maintaining their integrity longer, and traveling for much farther distances in water compared to light waves, which quickly dissipate.

Water molecules surround and are contained within our DNA, RNA, and mitochondria.

The ability for these cell components to function, to send, receive, and properly interpret inter and intra-cellular signaling at an optimal level depends to a great extent on the structural integrity of this surrounding water, which can be destabilized by toxic substances and certain electromagnetic signals.

Laboratory tests have shown that specific frequencies within the range of the human voice and their harmonics can re-form destabilized water molecules back to structural integrity and that this, in turn, can significantly improve the performance of in vitro DNA.


EMF stands for “electromagnetic field”. Almost everything in the Universe - from the largest planets to the smallest atoms that make up our cells - have their own unique electromagnetic field, made up of frequencies generated by that thing. These frequencies are very subtle and as individual as fingerprints. They are the language - the alphabet - that everything in the cosmos uses to communicate and regulate.

This includes the cells of our body. They too generate electromagnetic frequencies - signals that they use to communicate and regulate all the systems within the body and the systems within each cell. The consistent maintenance of our health and wellbeing depends on the integrity of this signaling process.

These naturally occurring frequencies are not the problem. We are now being exposed to manmade frequencies from WIFI technology and all the devices that use this technology that are not natural, and much more powerful than the subtle frequencies we rely on to maintain health and balance.

These artificial frequencies override and alter the subtle frequencies that the cells need in order to function correctly. They scramble the language that the cells use, disrupt the signaling and create static. The cells then start sending faulty messages unrecognizable to the body, and systems begin to break down, affecting our health and wellbeing.

HUSO can directly counter the effects of harmful EMF’S by recalibrating the biofield of the body to its healthy resonant frequency. We introduce a healthy frequency that entrains with the scrambled frequencies caused by exposure to these damaging electromagnetic fields. This creates a resonant response in the body and brain to reestablish a state of harmony.

There are over five thousand scientific papers and peer-reviewed studies on the health dangers of electromagnetic (EMF) fields such as Wi-Fi and cell phone transmissions.


“...Specific frequencies modulate cellular function to restore or maintain health. The application of EM[electromagnetic}-tuned signals represents more than merely a new tool in information medicine. It can also be viewed in the larger context of EM[electromagnetic] medicine, the all-encompassing view that elevates the EM[electromagnetic] over the biochemical…. EM signaling is endogenous to cell regulation, and consequently... the remarkable effectiveness of EM resonance treatments reflects a fundamental aspect of biological systems. The concept that organisms contain mechanisms for generating biologically useful electric signals is not new, dating back to the nineteenth century discovery of currents of injury by Matteucci…. The next advance in medicine will be to discern and apply those EM signaling parameters acting to promote wellness, with decreasing reliance on marginal biochemical remediation and pharmaceuticals.”

Bioelectromagnetic Medicine: The Role of Resonance Signaling A. Foletti, S. Grimaldi, A. Lisi, M. Ledda, AR Liboff, Electromagnetic Biological Medicine, Dec., 2013

"At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. "


“This electro-genomic field may provide the basis for a new paradigm in biology and medicine that is radically different from the present emphasis on molecular biology and biochemistry…. Once the organism is described as an electromagnetic entity, this strongly suggests the reason for the efficacy of the various electromagnetic therapies, namely as the most direct means of restoring the body's impacted electromagnetic field to its normal state.”

Toward an Electromagnetic Paradigm for Biology and Medicine, Liboff AR, Dept. of Physics, Oakland University, Rockford, MI