Ted L.


"HUSO is AWESOME.  Even with all the neural-feedback therapy I do, diet and supplements all dialed in, photobiomodulation, PEMF, workouts, yoga, cold lasers, all the biohacking stuff I do all the time, there is no question the sound therapy works. I notice a difference day to day. It really does take you out of fight or flight mode. And I should know - running my business is essentially a requirement to deal with problems in real time, all the time. There is never any break. So I really find myself looking forward to a session with the unit because it's an actual, honest to god, break."

Joe M.

St. Petersburg, FL


"HUSO is truly a remarkable company that has an incredible product. I bought HUSO the night before I had my corrective double jaw surgery and rhinoplasty. These surgeries followed a devastating 2017 accidental fall where I fell 20 ft onto my face and managed to survive and grow through some very rough times. I received HUSO quickly after my 8th surgery and I am happy to report that even though I was on a lot of medication, in a matter of days I was able to reduce inflammation. Three days after using HUSO my Dr. allowed me to talk and eat again, I was off pain medication, my shoulder pain had been dramatically decreased (while having nothing to do with the surgery), and the tinnitus' volume in my left ear has been reduced 50% since I started using it. I can't give HUSO or my medication all the glory but in combination I have seen amazing results. It is definitely been worth the investment as it has helped my body find balance."

Angela L.


"I am a fan of Huso, and so are my family and clients. This little machine does so much. I integrate Reiki with Sound and my clients have been experiencing less anxiety, less pain and also are able to sleep better. One client told me that felt that "had more memory" and was able to focus more. I really love Huso, as everyday there is a new experience with it. I have clients with 8 to 10 on pain level and this has been helping them a lot. Thank you, Huso." 

Susan B.


"This is a life-changing machine and definitely worth the money. Since using the ‘relief’ program, I’ve been able to reduce the pain medication for my back and have gone from waking up every hour, to only waking once or twice a night. It’s also very calming and an excellent meditation tool, particularly if you find it hard to stay still for longer than five minutes. To top it off, the customer service is outstanding! Thank you HUSO for this excellent product."

Donald C.


"I’ve been having great results. It’s very good for clearing the mind and relaxing the body. I’ve experienced traditional sound therapy in the past (chanting, didgeridoo, crystal bowls etc.) and believe this offers similar benefits. The good thing is you can use it daily! After my HUSO sessions I’ve felt relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed."

Kris G.


"I like to use my HUSO with the vibration bands so I can feel my whole body vibrating with the sound. It's very relaxing. I have two autoimmune diseases and have trouble falling asleep and getting into deep sleep to be well rested. The HUSO has helped me a lot. Our daughter is beginning to use it for anxiety also and it is helping her. I really do love my HUSO!"

Joshua B.


“HUSO has been an incredible and indispensable technology on my path of healing and recovery. About 2 years ago I was suffering from severe depression related to the loss of a relationship and I found myself searching for multiple healing modalities that included traditional therapy, NLP, meditation, exercise, and the like. With absolute certainty, HUSO significantly contributed to processing my emotional and mental distortion while bringing a much-needed sense of peace and relief from the onslaught of my destructive thought patterns and their corresponding emotions. HUSO provides an amazing opportunity for well-being and balance for anyone who can commit to using the technology regularly. Wholeheartedly, 1000% recommended for anyone considering using HUSO, I promise, you will not be disappointed.”

Luvie B.


“I have had HUSO for a year and a half and it is wonderful. I sleep better and also have more energy when awake. I also feel more focused. My daughter has debilitating chronic migraines and lupus and she has been using my HUSO and it helps her to relax and calm herself when it seems nothing else will. For us HUSO has been a blessing and well worth the cost. I look at it like this : most people will spend many hundreds of $$ on a TV, if not thousands....which is simply for entertainment, why not spend less on something of mental and physical health value?”

Grant S.


“I've been a frequent user of meditation and sound programs over the past 40+ years and was intrigued as well as skeptical of HUSO's claims. Well, after 6 months of periodic use I'm still finding noticeable results that sometimes last a day or more from a single 30 minute session. I haven't found another program or sound technology I can say that about. Suggestions for new users, follow the directions, pick one sound and stick with it for a few weeks. Wonderful unique device and well worth it.”

Sri T.


“The energy lifted higher and everything accumulated in the throat area. I slept. I really liked it.”

Frances T.


“That was such a gift. I can honestly say I felt a huge difference in my whole being when I left. During the therapy, it took awhile for me to let my mind go. I had things coming forward that I hadn't thought about in awhile, which is not a bad thing. I noticed I responded to different tones in different ways. I am a psychology major and holistic healthcare minor and I absolutely love everything holistic and therapeutic such as this.  This has been something new for me that I very much enjoyed. Afterward, I felt a light feeling. Almost airy in a way. I noticed my mood was uplifted and I couldn't exactly put my finger on how I was feeling but it was new and different, good. I can say that I felt relaxed and slept better than I have in a longtime. I am so very eager to continue this and learn more."

Eric H.


“HUSO is super cool. I love the grounding setting . I have a lot of sport injuries and it seems to open up my spasms and joints. The calm setting is just that. I recommend using each program at least 5 times for better benefit.”

Grace O.


“It aligned my heart and brain. I felt more sensation on left side like it was flowing. It felt like 5 minutes passed instead of 30.”

Sigrid F.


“So, at first I noticed nothing much happening in my body, then I noticed that I fell asleep and that was not because I was tired,  I am never tired during the day. Now I always fall asleep on the machine. At first, I fell asleep towards the end of the session, then earlier and earlier during the session. I also noticed that the way I fall asleep is different from when I fall asleep naturally at bedtime. At night, before I fall asleep, I get tired first. On the machine it is like the memory of falling asleep is not there. To explain it a different way I am unable to pinpoint the moment I fall asleep because there is no warning in the form of slowly getting tired first. It is obviously happening all of a sudden. I must be going from alpha to theta in a split second but something happens to the immediate memory that I don't understand. different sleep from my natural sleep.

It took me at least a month, but now I know that when I get off the machine I am more focused and relaxed, less stressed. That is what the other people describe. Sometimes the ringing in my ears is almost gone. I hope eventually it will be gone for good.”

Carolyn G.


“This would be amazing in cancer centers. Very relaxing.”

Ashley O.


“Nurturing --- grounding --- transmuting.”

Bettie O.


“This was incredible. HUSO is very powerful and unique and I am interested in bringing it into my practice.”