Megan T.

ER nurse, Sound/Energy Healer


“Nothing has ever figuratively and literally resonated with me like HUSO. It is the only device I have ever stuck with, which speaks volumes because I own so many others and practice several healing modalities. I work in an incredibly high-stress environment and have had a diagnosis of C-PTSD for many years. I track my HRV closely with my Oura ring and it’s always been very low. My body continuously lives in a state of fight or flight, regardless of changes in diet and exercise.

I recently lost my teenage son and as you could imagine, it completely turned my life upside down. My thoughts continuously raced, there were many sleepless nights and my body was on overdrive. My HRV became even worse, and I was feeling mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted.

I tried using different devices in an attempt to restore my wellbeing and sense of self- Apollo, Kasina, Nervana and Muse to name a few. Nothing seemed to be helping. I discovered HUSO and immediately felt a shift after using it. I continue to use it often and have enjoyed the variety of tracks available – which I switch depending on what I’m needing/feeling before my session. This unit has helped me rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. It’s exactly what I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other during this healing journey I am on. My HRV is actually starting to rise. My mind is much more quiet. I’m able to feel more relaxed and rested. I’m amazed by what a difference this has made in my life and use it religiously. This is truly unlike anything I’ve used in the past."

Sika Henry

Elite Triathlete, 2x Marathon Winner


"After a severe bike crash in April, I was struggling physically and mentally. I decided to give HUSO a try. As soon as I started using the programs I found myself in a Zen like state almost immediately. I believe relaxation is one of the keys to healing the body and mind, so I would definitely recommend HUSO as an aid to recovery."

Dawn P.


"I have PTSD and HUSO On The Go has been a tremendous help for me. I use it in the morning and at night before bed, and I it has greatly helped me manage stressful situations. I honestly don't know where I would be without it."

Ginna P.


“I began sound frequency therapy because of intense agitation that disrupted every aspect of my life. After several treatments addressing this nervousness and my adrenal glands, I noticed much improvement, and additional sessions have continued to be helpful. I'm so grateful that this treatment is now available.”

Joshua B.


“HUSO has been an incredible and indispensable technology on my path of healing and recovery. About 2 years ago I was suffering from severe depression related to the loss of a relationship and I found myself searching for multiple healing modalities that included traditional therapy, NLP, meditation, exercise, and the like. With absolute certainty, HUSO significantly contributed to processing my emotional and mental distortion while bringing a much-needed sense of peace and relief from the onslaught of my destructive thought patterns and their corresponding emotions. HUSO provides an amazing opportunity for well-being and balance for anyone who can commit to using the technology regularly. Wholeheartedly, 1000% recommended for anyone considering using HUSO, I promise, you will not be disappointed.”