What makes HUSO so powerful and unique?

HUSO is a patented technology consisting of human sound that has been modulated in a proprietary way by combining specific frequencies, harmonics, and waveforms capable of restoring balance and wellbeing in the brain and body. The sound and frequency range of the human voice is more beneficial and is assimilated and integrated more readily than machine produced digital frequency or sound. Please click here for a more detailed explanation and to learn how our technology differs from other sound or frequency therapy methods.

Can HUSO be used every day?

Yes, HUSO is completely non-invasive and can be used every day. The more frequent the sessions, the sooner the health benefits are realized and the longer they last. Aside from those with contraindications (implanted electrical device, severe panic disorder, epilepsy, recent head injury, and severe autistic spectrum disorder), HUSO can be used by everyone - including young children and the elderly - with excellent results.

What type of headphones should I use?

Although we provide a pair of earbuds with your unit so you can use it right from the box, we recommend the use of a highly rated professional grade of over the ear headphones for optimum sound reproduction. There are many subtle harmonics and frequency ranges in each "tone." Do not use noise canceling headphones. If you prefer earbuds, iPhone earbuds or similar will still reproduce the sound well.

What is the proper pad pressure?

Each pad contains a high-grade lab-grown crystal that helps create a unique oscillation for each tone. If the pads are too tight, the crystal cannot oscillate. The pads should be tight enough so that, if you raise your wrist, it does not move, but loose enough so that you can slide a finger between the pad and your skin.

Why am I having some irritation during or after a session?

HUSO can occasionally create detox symptoms, but this is a good thing and the discomfort should not last long. You can always turn down the pad volume or switch to another program. Also, sometimes a person may not like the sound of a certain tone. Remember HUSO is sound medicine, not intended for “easy listening.” Although most of our tones are pleasant, there can be some that you may not like the sound of. We suggest you persist for a few more sessions, and then if you still find the tone offensive, switch to another program that is more pleasing to you.

What's the difference between HUSO and Binaural Beats?

HUSO uses frequencies that are built upon human toning. Binaural beat frequency is digitally produced.

HUSO is a whole body system. Rather than simply listening to the tones through headphones, you also receive them through pads placed on acupressure meridians for a whole body experience.

Binaural beat technology is based on the theory that if you introduce two differing tones into opposite ears it will create a third frequency in the brain.

HUSO uses full spectrum tones made up of a base tone, harmonics and specific waveforms that are configured to entrain with the body’s biofield and create a healthy balancing resonant response in the body and brain.

Are there certain programs or tones that are better for calming or stress?

Everyone has a different body blueprint. Our research points to the fact that not everyone will have the same response to each tone, and that their response may vary to that tone depending on what is happening in their body that day. There are certain tones which we found will enhance and restore calmness and mental clarity in the majority of people, and this is how the programs were grouped. But some people may find, for instance, that a clarity program is very calming for them, while a calming program clears their mental fog. Experiment with all the programs and find what works best for you.

What program should I begin with?

Try Calm for your first session. This is the same program that is used as an introduction for new clients by the centers who have the professional unit.

How do I get new programs and transfer them to my HUSO Home Unit?

The HUSO Home Unit has a USB port that allows for the download of tones. You can find full instructions on how to download and transfer these programs here.

Can I use programs back to back in one session?

We strongly recommend that you use one program per session.  The programs are designed to be used on their own. The tones in each program were carefully selected to complement each other. Their effectiveness will be weakened if you “program surf” or use different programs one after the other at a single session.

What is the difference between HUSO Home & HUSO PRO?

The full module on the professional unit consists of 47 tones (each a different frequency that has been modulated in a unique way), while the home unit consists of 14 tones configured into six preset 30-minute programs. Those 14 tones on the home unit are part of the 47 tones included in the professional unit. Centers that have the professional unit with the 47 tones use a prescreening method to determine which of the 47 are most balancing to your body, creating a custom program at 30 minutes or other time lengths, usually from the 3 tones that your body tells us will be the most balancing for you. Please contact us for a list of centers that have a professional unit.

Why does HUSO use cords rather than being wireless?

There is a critical reason HUSO chose to use cords rather than go  wireless. We found using cords allows us to shield you from as much exposure to WIFI and harmful EMFs as possible, while at the same time delivering the highest quality of non-digitized lossless sound.  This is also why we developed our own delivery system rather than using an app via computer or cell phone to deliver our sound frequencies.

Are there predictable effects each HUSO frequency delivers consistently to everyone? For instance, are there tones that are calming, that balance the liver, that help alleviate muscle aches in everyone across the board?

We have found it is impossible to create a standardized model for our technology.  Your energy field is fluid, your frequency determined by so many factors. The tones needed to create the resonance and entrainment necessary to balance certain issues will change, sometimes from day to day, depending on how far out of balance you are, as well as the root cause of the difficulty you are experiencing.





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