What makes HUSO so powerful and unique compared to other sound frequency technologies?

HUSO is a patented technology consisting of human sound that has been modulated in a proprietary way by combining specific frequencies, harmonics, and waveforms capable of restoring balance and wellbeing in the brain and body. The sound and frequency range of the human voice is the most readily assimilated form of beneficial frequencies, more effective than machine produced digital frequency or sound. Please click here for a more detailed explanation and to learn how our technology differs from other sound or frequency therapy methods. ||  https://thisishuso.com/unique/

Why should I add HUSO to my practice?

HUSO can balance the autonomic nervous system, moving someone from a sympathetic to a deeply relaxed parasympathetic state in the first session. As a health practitioner, you know how invaluable the ability to shift your client into a resting healing state is to the success of any wellness protocol.

Is HUSO easy to use?

Yes, it is very easy. HUSO is a plug and play system that requires a 90 minute Skype training. If you require the EDS (electrodermal screening) testing system, that will take additional training of a few hours, using Skype or in person in Nashville. You will be up and running with HUSO and experiencing great results from day one.

Is HUSO non-invasive?

HUSO is non-invasive and is appropriate for people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. It delivers restorative frequencies in a natural organic way that the brain and body will easily assimilate at a deep level.

Are there contraindications?

HUSO is not appropriate for those with an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker because, in our pads, we create a subtle electromagnetic current that may cause disruption in some devices. HUSO is also not appropriate for those with epilepsy, seizure disorders or recent head injuries because we are affecting brainwaves. Those with severe anxiety, panic disorder, or Severe Autistic Spectrum Disorder may be disturbed by the unfamiliar sensations they may experience because of their over-sensitized nervous systems. (We believe HUSO can provide benefit in the area of autism but are waiting for clinical study results before recommending this. There may be individual cases where HUSO can be utilized for clients with panic disorder and severe anxiety. We ask that you contact us to discuss this before starting treatment on these clients).

Why does HUSOPRO deliver a deeper therapeutic effect than the HUSO HOME unit?

HUSO HOME contains preset programs made up of tones shown to be beneficial to a majority of people. HUSOPRO contains 96 individual tones, allowing the practitioner to create programs specific to the needs of each client through a testing process, and to regularly retest and update these individual programs to reflect the changing state of those clients. HUSO HOME has four pads, two for ankles, two for wrists. HUSOPRO provides six pads: two for ankles, two for wrists, and two floating pads to be placed on the body wherever there is a specific issue.

Does HUSOPRO work on many levels?

We have found that HUSO addresses the imbalances and issues most critical to each person’s healing journey. The HUSO experience is calming and helps greatly with sleep, stress, and nervousness for the majority of people. We have also found that it is most certainly working at an energetic level. Significant numbers of people have reported transformative emotional and spiritual experiences during and after their sessions.

How often should a client be evaluated for a new customized program?

We have found the best results are achieved by testing clients every 4 to 6 weeks for new tones. You will find that as their healing journey progresses they will require different tones to continue their progress once they have assimilated their previous set of tones. Once someone is prescreened for their customized program, they run on this 6-10 times before being prescreened again.

What happens if a client does not like the sound of a tone that tests positive for them?

Our tones are more like “sound medicine” than music.  They are not all perceived as pleasant by some people.  If this should occur, remind your client that these are therapeutic sounds and may not always sound pleasing to the ear, but are designed to heal and balance.  If they strongly object, then replace the offending tone with another that comes as close to balancing as possible.

Will there be synergies between HUSOPRO and HUSO HOME?

In early 2019, HUSO plans to add the ability for a HUSO HOME unit user to get tested in a HUSOPRO facility. The practitioner can either perform a session for clients on their pro unit, or they will be able to download that client’s customized program into the client's home unit. The practitioner will earn a referral fee for each home unit they sell to their clients. The program will expire after 3-4 weeks and require retesting and creation of a new updated program. For the client to get the best results from HUSO, they will need to be tested once a month for new customized tone programs. This will provide a great boost in health for the client as well as ongoing revenue for the HUSOPRO unitholder.

Does HUSOPRO make sense for me financially?

We think so! We have a great lease purchase option where your monthly payment can be as low as $200. That is only three paid HUSO sessions each month. The sooner you get HUSOPRO, the sooner you will be helping your clients return to greater health, and the sooner you will be not only covering your lease payment but also creating extra income for your business that you would not have had.

Why does HUSO use cords rather than being wireless?

There is a critical reason HUSO chose to use cords rather than go  wireless. We found using cords allows us to shield you from as much exposure to WIFI and harmful EMFs as possible, while at the same time delivering the highest quality of non-digitized lossless sound.  This is also why we developed our own delivery system rather than using an app via computer or cell phone to deliver our sound frequencies.

Are there predictable effects each HUSO frequency delivers consistently to everyone? For instance, are there tones that are calming, that balance the liver, that help alleviate muscle aches in everyone across the board?

We have found it is impossible to create a standardized model for our technology.  Your energy field is fluid, your frequency determined by so many factors. The tones needed to create the resonance and entrainment necessary to balance certain issues will change, sometimes from day to day, depending on how far out of balance you are, as well as the root cause of the difficulty you are experiencing.