Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

World Renowned Holistic MD and Founder of the Sophia Health Institute


“HUSO is the perfect complement to our treatment protocols. I find it balances the autonomic nervous system allowing patients to go more deeply within after treatments. HUSO is an excellent meditative and relaxing technique that can activate the higher levels of healing and can potentiate most other treatment modalities.”

Megan T.

ER nurse, Sound/Energy Healer


“Nothing has ever figuratively and literally resonated with me like HUSO. It is the only device I have ever stuck with, which speaks volumes because I own so many others and practice several healing modalities. I work in an incredibly high-stress environment and have had a diagnosis of C-PTSD for many years. I track my HRV closely with my Oura ring and it’s always been very low. My body continuously lives in a state of fight or flight, regardless of changes in diet and exercise.

I recently lost my teenage son and as you could imagine, it completely turned my life upside down. My thoughts continuously raced, there were many sleepless nights and my body was on overdrive. My HRV became even worse, and I was feeling mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted.

I tried using different devices in an attempt to restore my wellbeing and sense of self- Apollo, Kasina, Nervana and Muse to name a few. Nothing seemed to be helping. I discovered HUSO and immediately felt a shift after using it. I continue to use it often and have enjoyed the variety of tracks available – which I switch depending on what I’m needing/feeling before my session. This unit has helped me rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. It’s exactly what I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other during this healing journey I am on. My HRV is actually starting to rise. My mind is much more quiet. I’m able to feel more relaxed and rested. I’m amazed by what a difference this has made in my life and use it religiously. This is truly unlike anything I’ve used in the past."

Lauralee C.


"My life has changed since I got this HUSO. I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly got more than I bargained for! I have used it faithfully everyday and it has transformed my sleep. I am sound asleep within 5 minutes of the beginning of the session, so to be honest at night I haven’t really made it to the end lol. That’s a GREAT thing! As far as my health: when I feel any stress or anxiety I stop, take 15 minutes to listen to one of the sessions. It completely changes my mind and energy. A great investment every person should own."

Angela L.


"I am a fan of Huso, and so are my family and clients. This little machine does so much. I integrate Reiki with Sound and my clients have been experiencing less anxiety, less pain and also are able to sleep better. One client told me that felt that "had more memory" and was able to focus more. I really love Huso, as everyday there is a new experience with it. I have clients with 8 to 10 on pain level and this has been helping them a lot. Thank you, HUSO." 

Susan Rohr BSN, RN

Owner, Brookfield Health and Wellness


“HUSO created a deep and vital shift in my entire being with one treatment. As an integrative practitioner, I am very selective in equipment therapy that I bring into my clinic for my Lyme, chronic infection and cancer-based patients.  HUSO brings an element of healing that patients of all ages will benefit from on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.”

Derrick Morgan

Retired Linebacker, Tennessee Titans


"I was referred to HUSO by someone who said it would make you feel "relaxed". After my first session, it did just that. However, I noticed several additional benefits such as a calmness of mind. I was able to compete at a high level due to an increased level of focus and clarity. It seemed as if the game slowed down for me and I was able to just flow. I am a big believer in taking care of your mind first in order to take care of the rest of your body and HUSO has been a welcomed addition to my overall training regimen."

Ginna P.


“I began sound frequency therapy because of intense agitation that disrupted every aspect of my life. After several treatments addressing this nervousness and my adrenal glands, I noticed much improvement, and additional sessions have continued to be helpful. I'm so grateful that this treatment is now available.”

Eric. S.

Seattle, Washington


“Love HUSO - simply the most calming and centering sound therapy I have ever tried - and I have tried dozens of meditation tracks, 2 PEMF type devices, and many body-mind techniques. And what is fantastic is that the calm is very deep and durable lasting for hours if not days. And everything else I am doing to support my health just seems to work better…”

Dr. Rekha Rao



"I use HUSO therapy for my patients with anxiety and insomnia. They are able to sleep better and deeper. They notice that their mind is calmer and they have more clarity of thought."

Heather T.


“Okay, I had HUSO done yesterday and there are no words to describe where that took me. All I know is that I was in a place of complete comfort and peace with everything. Being that I struggle with Anxiety, I like to find a more alternative solution than modern medicine to heal my body mind and soul. I believe I have found just that. I walked out of Brookfield Health & Wellness with the confidence that I CAN be who I want to be and feel good all around. My mom even noticed a significant change in my stress and anxiety levels from when she dropped me off at my appointment. Thanks again!”

Kathy H.


“With my busy schedule it is very hard to find a moment when I can completely rid my mind of stressors and find a truly mental relaxing activity. The sound therapy that I started 4 weeks ago has given me an experience that I look forward to twice a week. It is hard to explain in words the affects of what the sound therapy does, but for me it totally relaxes every muscle in my body, relieving the stress and tension of my daily routine and puts my body and mind in a deep state of calmness that I have never felt before. I have even felt myself dozing off while listening to the soothing sounds.”

Kris G.


“I like to use my HUSO with the vibration bands so I can feel my whole body vibrating with the sound.  It's very relaxing.  I have two autoimmune diseases and have trouble falling asleep and getting into deep sleep to be well rested.  The HUSO has helped me a lot. Our daughter is beginning to use it for anxiety also and it is helping her. I really do love my HUSO!”

Kara V.

Baltimore, MD


“My family and I recently moved across the United States to pursue a new job opportunity. The stress of moving, starting a new job, being away from family and friends and the isolation of it all, created a lot of anxiety for us. HUSO was there every step of the way, providing a safe space for our mind as we figured everything out. My coworkers experienced the same anxiety and helplessness when they relocated but they didn’t have a HUSO so I can see first hand how bad it could have been for us. Most of them take anxiety medication or use substances to cope. My family and I are blessed to have HUSO and can’t recommend it enough. Thank you!”

Donald C.

Toronto, Canada


"I’ve been having great results. It’s very good for clearing the mind and relaxing the body. I’ve experienced traditional sound therapy in the past (chanting, didgeridoo, crystal bowls etc.) and believe this offers similar benefits. The good thing is you can use it daily! After my HUSO sessions I’ve felt relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed."

Sarah L.


“My HUSO session-- a nice oasis in the middle of a pretty hectic day!  I did feel more relaxed and comfortable the rest of the day; I actually "missed" some minor musculoskeletal aches in my spine that I've just grown accustomed to having.  Also, had one of the best night's sleep I've had in weeks which was a welcome bonus.”

Shawn G.


"I find the HUSO frequency therapy to be a profound tool for coming back to peace and balance in my life. I am able to fully let go and allow the tones to take me into deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation. On several occasions I go so far out that I am not sure where I am when I come back. Whenever this happens to me, I know that I am integrating and balancing at a deep level. Great stuff!!"

Stephanie K.


“HUSO was a relaxing and healing experience. I walked in with a headache and left without pain and feeling relaxed and balanced.”

Steve K.


“Thanks so much for having me over to the center to try the HUSO system.  I wanted to wait to see how I felt for around a week before giving feedback.  I felt extremely relaxed the whole day immediately after the treatment and could feel the effects the whole following week.   I was working in NYC all week and noticed a sense of clarity while I was working. It was really interesting during the session to feel how my body responded to the different frequencies.  Some frequencies felt relaxing, some stimulating, and one made me feel joy. Another thing I noted, was that I thought I was in the room for a really long time at the end of the sequence, although I think it was only 30 minutes.”

Kim M.


“I feel peaceful, relaxed, zoned in. I have less stress in my shoulders and neck. I am very alert now.”

Nicole A.


“This was extremely relaxing. My limbs are very heavy now. I have been very anxious and I have felt like I was headed toward a panic attack, but I think that the session changed that.”

Rose K.

Longtime HUSO Customer


“I have been a HUSO user since it first came to the market. I own MANY devices designed to help the autonomic nervous system and help balance the vagus nerve. I have also had MANY disappointments.

The first time I used HUSO I knew something different was happening. I was able to relax and found myself experiencing numerous sighs of tension release in each session. As soon as I heard about the wearables I just knew I had to have them because of the convenience factor of portability, and the wireless aspect is extraordinary. I ordered the HUSO On The Go Wireless Wearables and App, used them for a week, and knew I wanted a second pair to be able to use them like the original HUSO Home Unit on both the wrists and ankles.

I am truly enjoying HUSO On The Go. I use it every night before bed, in the middle of the night if I wake up, and again in the morning. As someone who suffers numerous nervous-system-related issues, these devices aren’t just desired by me, they are needed. I look forward to many years of use." 

Jamie H.

Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometric Physician Low Vision & Vision Rehabilitation Services


"One of my brain injury patients had a recent terrible sensory offset and has not been able to sleep for the last month and had several panic attacks daily. She also previously did safe and sound protocol but was unable to tolerate restarting. Once upon a time she had terrible sound intolerance prior to me doing Vision rehab. I used both light therapy and HUSO’s "Ground" program in office and she slept that night for the first time. She did not have a panic attack in the hour she was at my office. My daughter also loves it."

Joshua B.


“HUSO has been an incredible and indispensable technology on my path of healing and recovery. About 2 years ago I was suffering from severe depression related to the loss of a relationship and I found myself searching for multiple healing modalities that included traditional therapy, NLP, meditation, exercise, and the like. With absolute certainty, HUSO significantly contributed to processing my emotional and mental distortion while bringing a much-needed sense of peace and relief from the onslaught of my destructive thought patterns and their corresponding emotions. HUSO provides an amazing opportunity for well-being and balance for anyone who can commit to using the technology regularly. Wholeheartedly, 1000% recommended for anyone considering using HUSO, I promise, you will not be disappointed.”

Phyllis M.


“The energy that I was in during May was chaotic and intense. I decided to not be "reactive" to my environment, letting it impact how I felt, physically and mentally. I became "proactive" by changing the energy/frequency of my body and energy system by using the HUSO for rest periods and at night to attain a good restful, rejuvenating night's sleep. The HUSO puts me into a relaxed proactive powerful state better than anything else I've tried. It is very relaxing and I would fall asleep in one session, waking feeling relaxed and ready to get back to work. The HUSO was a tremendous help with relaxing sore muscles and joints as the "rest" is so deep. We were in a hotel for almost 3 weeks until we could close on our new home. The HUSO was perfect for helping me to fall asleep and rest peacefully in this noisy environment. I love my HUSO!!! Don't know how I would have made the move without it. I stayed calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. Can only attribute this state of mind to HUSO's help. My HUSO is a wonderful gift to my physical and emotional body. Thank you, HUSO team!”

Susan B.


“This is a life-changing machine and definitely worth the money. Since using the ‘relief’ program, I’ve been able to reduce the pain medication for my back and have gone from waking up every hour, to only waking once or twice a night. It’s also very calming and an excellent meditation tool, particularly if you find it hard to stay still for longer than five minutes. To top it off, the customer service is outstanding! Thank you HUSO for this excellent product.”

Heather K.


“I felt so relaxed for the rest of the day, and fell asleep when my head hit the pillow. In fact, I somehow turned my two alarms off and snoozed until my husband woke me up, which I haven’t done in ages. I am so excited to do this again, and have told everyone in the office who hasn’t done it that they need to. It was so relaxing, and I feel like I did some purging and grounding.”

Stormie O’Martian

Best-Selling Author


“…I started taking the HUSO therapy once or twice a week and I noticed an immediate difference, so much so that I had my son and daughter start the therapy. They have noticed a tremendous improvement in their health and their calmness. I was also much more calm…. I would begin to feel the vice-like feeling around my head release, and I began to feel more calmness and a greater sense of wellbeing. I noticed my immune system was becoming stronger. There were so many things that I noticed that were an improvement in my health. The thing that affected me the most, that was the most startling thing, was the release of that pressure in my head and my neck and my shoulders. I want to recommend HUSO to you.”

Dennis D.


“Please accept my sincere thanks for the HUSO sessions I received over the past few weeks. Knowing my history of spinal meningitis/encephalitis at 17 years of age and then the aftermath of chemo and radiation for Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma at age 51, you know that my system was beaten down and in much need of help. I can honestly say that I have begun to see a huge difference since starting HUSO. My wife says that my rough edges have softened. I can say that the mood swings have diminished greatly. I am able to stay asleep for longer periods. I still wake through the night, but I can get back to sleep more quickly now. I am very thankful for this therapy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Dr. Louis Esquivel

San Antonio, Texas


"As a holistic physician, bringing healing and balance to the whole patient includes addressing the biological, mental/emotional/spiritual and energetic systems of the person. HUSO sound therapy has become my primary modality of choice to help patients re-center their energetics as well as bring calm, deep rest and rejuvenation to body and mind. I am grateful that I can offer my patients such an easy to implement and deeply effective therapy such as HUSO!"

Ted L.


“HUSO is AWESOME. Even with all the neuralfeedback therapy I do, diet and supplements all dialed in, photobiomodulation, PEMF, workouts, yoga, cold lasers, all the biohacking stuff I do all the time, there is no question this sound therapy works. I notice a difference day to day. It really does take you out of fight or flight mode. And I should know - running this business is essentially a requirement to deal with problems in real time, all the time. There is never any break. So I really find myself looking forward to a session with the unit because it's an actual, honest to god, break.”

Mary R.

Bayfield, WI


"It's been almost a month since I received HUSO and I am most impressed. My own personal gains include increased energy, decreased anxiousness, better sleep, less reaction to negative energy, a sense of confidence and an ability to be in the moment. Wow! Pretty nice results! Thank you! My whole being is drawn to the tones, so if I miss a day, I know it! Physically, while running the session I can sometimes feel healing taking place...slight physical reactive/uncomfortable sensations followed by release. Thanks so much for all you are doing to help bring the planet to greater awareness and health."

Robert H.


“I was surprised that my session was only 30 minutes.  I’ve done healing work of different kinds, and this was powerful.  My whole body was reset – deeper than a massage or even a sweat lodge, in my experience. I was okay to drive in a few minutes, but I was really relaxed the rest of the day, actually, I kept noticing the difference for a couple days.  This was really something for me because I’m usually a little high strung, working too hard, stressed, all that. All the stress was drained out of me in a few minutes, but I wasn’t unfocused or forgetful – just really calm.   The change in my body (I know this isn’t profound for those who understand these things, but it’s always profound to experience it) changed the way my mind worked. I’ve already recommended HUSO to several friends.”

Rachel L.


“Prior to experiencing HUSO, I was familiar with research regarding the balancing properties of sound frequencies. In fact, I often use sound in my Reiki healing practice. HUSO takes this to a completely new level by revolutionizing the use of harmonic frequencies to produce wholeness on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. I felt calmer, healthier, and more grounded after just one treatment. In addition, I noticed more energy and mental clarity throughout the day. I strongly recommend this modality as a part of an overall wellness plan, as it can optimize other therapeutic methods and techniques."

Frances T.


“That was such a gift. I can honestly say I felt a huge difference in my whole being when I left. During the therapy it took awhile for me to let my mind go. I had things coming forward that I hadn't thought about in awhile, which is not a bad thing. I noticed I responded to different tones in different ways. I am a psychology major and holistic healthcare minor and I absolutely love everything holistic and therapeutic such as this.  This has been something new for me that I very much enjoyed. Afterwards, I felt a light feeling. Almost airy in a way. I noticed my mood was uplifted and I couldn't exactly put my finger on how I was feeling but it was new and different, good. I can say that I felt relaxed and slept better than I have in a longtime. I am so very eager to continue this and learn more.”

Kathy B.


“Incredibly relaxing! I was drifting. I felt vibrations all up my left side but little on my right.”

Barbara P.


“I went to sleep and I was very relaxed. I zoned like in meditation”