Emma Alam



Emma Alam used HUSO to help her achieve the following:

  • 2x Guinness World Record Holder for most random words memorized and most names/faces memorized
  • World Speed Reading Champion
  • World Mind Mapping Champion (Junior Category)
  • And more!

She reviewed HUSO in a video her team created. See below.

Derrick Morgan

Retired Linebacker, Tennessee Titans


"I was referred to HUSO by someone who said it would make you feel "relaxed". After my first session, it did just that. However, I noticed several additional benefits such as a calmness of mind. I was able to compete at a high level due to an increased level of focus and clarity. It seemed as if the game slowed down for me and I was able to just flow. I am a big believer in taking care of your mind first in order to take care of the rest of your body and HUSO has been a welcomed addition to my overall training regimen."

Angela L.


“I am a fan of Huso, and so are my family and clients. This little machine does so much. I integrate Reiki with Sound and my clients have been experiencing less anxiety, less pain and also are able to sleep better. One client told me that felt that "had more memory" and was able to focus more. I really love Huso, as everyday there is a new experience with it. I have clients with 8 to 10 on pain level and this has been helping them a lot. Thank you, Huso."

WeiKheng F.

Los Angeles, California


I use HUSO on my 23-year-old son who has difficulty keeping focus and track of what he is doing. After using the home unit, he reports a significant increase in his concentration level, and ability to sleep more soundly. I observe that my son seems more focused and less distracted. I just wish I had this machine a few years earlier when my son was in High School where the benefits would have been extremely useful to him then. 
I've also used HUSO on a good friend of mine, and the results were a dramatic increase in his ability to concentrate and a more calm demeanor observed not only by this person, but also noticed by me. 
I use the HUSO machine on myself often. I find the Clarity mode to have the most benefit for me. I suffer from debilitating chronic pains, and I have trouble keeping focus as well as suffer from insomnia. While HUSO helps me in both areas, the most benefits I notice are my ability to keep alert, concentrate better, and have a higher level of energy within me that lasts for a few days each time I use the machine. HUSO is amazing for what it can do and I'm very happy with my investment!"

Alan A.

Whitefish, MT


"I tried the Expand program today. When I think of what it sounded like the only thing that comes to mind is coming face to face with a God. Within 30 seconds of it starting out I could feel the middle of my forehead starting to tingle. Within another 1 minute or so I had lost track of my arms and legs. It looked like I was in deep space looking at the Milky Way galaxy. This is an amazing little machine. I highly recommend you guys check it out. It has def quieted my monkey mind down a lot. I find that I cannot actively keep the internal dialogue in my mind going. As soon as a thought arises it's quickly washed away. In somewhat makes it hard to actively focus on anything but the sound."

Robert H.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


"I’ve done healing work of different kinds, and this was powerful. My whole body was reset – deeper than a massage or even a sweat lodge...I was really relaxed the rest of the day; actually, I kept noticing the difference for a couple days. This was really something for me because I’m usually a little high strung, working too hard, stressed, all that. All the stress was drained out of me in a few minutes, but I wasn’t unfocused or forgetful – just really calm. The change in my body... changed the way my mind worked. I’ve already recommended HUSO to several friends."

Donald C.

Toronto, Canada


"I’ve been having great results. It’s very good for clearing the mind and relaxing the body. I’ve experienced traditional sound therapy in the past (chanting, didgeridoo, crystal bowls etc.) and believe this offers similar benefits. The good thing is you can use it daily! After my HUSO sessions I’ve felt relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed."

Dr. Rekha Rao



"I use HUSO therapy for my patients with anxiety and insomnia. They are able to sleep better and deeper. They notice that their mind is calmer and they have more clarity of thought."

Gabe Davis

Starting Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills


"Having a strong work mentality, HUSO helps out tremendously with preparation, execution, and recovery. It helps me focus in the moment on the task at hand whether it be a long session in the weight room or a grueling high intensity workout on the field. HUSO is a winner."

Randy Huntington

Head Track and Field coach, Chinese National Team


“Now he won’t give HUSO back. That is as strong a statement of support for its function that I can pass on. When the athlete refuses to give it back because they feel it is helping… that says all that needs to be said and more! Personally I like what it is doing for him. Since Su [Bingtian, top sprinter in Asia and one of the top ten ranked sprinters in the world] started training with HUSO, I have noticed a marked improvement in that he is more open to change, a bit more relaxed in his approach, and he is much easier to communicate with.”

Susan Rohr BSN, RN

Owner of Brookfield Health and Wellness


"HUSO created a deep and vital shift in my entire being with one treatment. As an integrative practitioner, I am very selective in equipment therapy that I bring into my clinic for my Lyme, chronic infection and cancer-based patients. HUSO brings an element of healing that patients of all ages will benefit from on a physical, emotional and spiritual level."

Luvie B.


"I have had HUSO for a year and a half and it is wonderful. I sleep better and also have more energy when awake. I also feel more focused. My daughter has debilitating chronic migraines and lupus and she has been using my HUSO and it helps her to relax and calm herself when it seems nothing else will. For us HUSO has been a blessing and well worth the cost. I look at it like this : most people will spend many hundreds of $$ on a TV, if not thousands....which is simply for entertainment, why not spend less on something of mental and physical health value?"

Phyllis M.


“The energy that I was in during May was chaotic and intense. I decided to not be "reactive" to my environment, letting it impact how I felt, physically and mentally. I became "proactive" by changing the energy/frequency of my body and energy system by using the HUSO for rest periods and at night to attain a good restful, rejuvenating night's sleep. The HUSO puts me into a relaxed proactive powerful state better than anything else I've tried. It is very relaxing and I would fall asleep in one session, waking feeling relaxed and ready to get back to work. The HUSO was a tremendous help with relaxing sore muscles and joints as the "rest" is so deep. We were in a hotel for almost 3 weeks until we could close on our new home. The HUSO was perfect for helping me to fall asleep and rest peacefully in this noisy environment. I love my HUSO!!! Don't know how I would have made the move without it. I stayed calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. Can only attribute this state of mind to HUSO's help. My HUSO is a wonderful gift to my physical and emotional body. Thank you, HUSO team!”

Eric. S

Seattle, Washington


“Love HUSO - simply the most calming and centering sound therapy I have ever tried - and I have tried dozens of meditation tracks, 2 PEMF type devices, and many body-mind techniques. And what is fantastic is that the calm is very deep and durable lasting for hours if not days. And everything else I am doing to support my health just seems to work better…”

Marc L.

Charlotte, NC


"HUSO has had a profound impact in my life. I run three to four times per week and I am always able to concentrate and focus much better after I run. It has also greatly helped my overall attitude and psyche. I have recommended HUSO to a number of people who deal with ADD, ADHD, and depression."

Derrick Morgan

Former NFL Linebacker, Tennessee Titans