Kena McClure, RN, LMT

Owner of Agave Massage


"HUSO has proven to be a vital key in supporting total wellness both professionally and personally. Clients have reported lasting improvements in such areas as relaxation, clearer focus, and a quicker return to health during an illness. As a wellness practitioner, I can attest to the amazing value it brings following massage therapy. HUSO is a cornerstone I will continue to offer clients as they support and rebuild their wellbeing for life.”

Paul Anderson RPSGT

Clinical Director, St. Thomas Hospital Health - Sleep Center


"I am the clinical director for the St. Thomas Hospital Health system of sleep centers. I have been in the sleep medicine field for over 20 years. I recently used HUSO and was completely amazed at how my body felt after just one session. I distinctly remember hearing the various tones, and then simply went somewhere just as the third series of tones began. The next thing I remember was the practitioner opening the door. My entire body was calm and extremely relaxed.

I have worked with patients over the years who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, restless legs, and sleep apnea. I truly believe there is a large segment of the sleep patient population that would greatly benefit by using HUSO."

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

Award-winning author of "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" and international lecturer on the science behind a variety of emerging medical techniques.


"Illness happens when the innate foundational organic patterns that maintain physiological, emotional and spiritual balance become disturbed. To recreate balance and wellness, that pattern has to be returned to its natural healthy state. HUSO is a completely new and unique sound therapy that is achieving results never observed before as it combines the ancient tradition of sound healing with modern acoustic technology. It is possible to change your biology using sound directly at the cell and nervous system level."

Kelly Nezat

Integrative Therapist


"I’ve now had my HUSO for almost a year and still love it. This is the real deal. I work in stress management and meditation and this tech is unusually powerful at making a big difference in your energy field, your mind, emotional state, and physical well being

It is well worth the price. I’ve used it for myself and clients (counseling) and it is truly remarkable. I’ve studied cymatics and sound healing for more than thirty years and they are doing something that honestly surprises me. I admire what they’ve created. I wish I knew more about how they created this tech. It’s the real deal."

Dr. Rekha Rao



"I use HUSO therapy for my patients with anxiety and insomnia. They are able to sleep better and deeper. They notice that their mind is calmer and they have more clarity of thought."

Megan T.

ER nurse, Sound/Energy Healer


“Nothing has ever figuratively and literally resonated with me like HUSO. It is the only device I have ever stuck with, which speaks volumes because I own so many others and practice several healing modalities. I work in an incredibly high-stress environment and have had a diagnosis of C-PTSD for many years. I track my HRV closely with my Oura ring and it’s always been very low. My body continuously lives in a state of fight or flight, regardless of changes in diet and exercise.

I recently lost my teenage son and as you could imagine, it completely turned my life upside down. My thoughts continuously raced, there were many sleepless nights and my body was on overdrive. My HRV became even worse, and I was feeling mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted.

I tried using different devices in an attempt to restore my wellbeing and sense of self- Apollo, Kasina, Nervana and Muse to name a few. Nothing seemed to be helping. I discovered HUSO and immediately felt a shift after using it. I continue to use it often and have enjoyed the variety of tracks available – which I switch depending on what I’m needing/feeling before my session. This unit has helped me rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. It’s exactly what I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other during this healing journey I am on. My HRV is actually starting to rise. My mind is much more quiet. I’m able to feel more relaxed and rested. I’m amazed by what a difference this has made in my life and use it religiously. This is truly unlike anything I’ve used in the past."

Susan Rohr BSN, RN

Owner of Brookfield Health and Wellness


"HUSO created a deep and vital shift in my entire being with one treatment. As an integrative practitioner, I am very selective in equipment therapy that I bring into my clinic for my Lyme, chronic infection and cancer-based patients. HUSO brings an element of healing that patients of all ages will benefit from on a physical, emotional and spiritual level."

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

World Renowned Holistic MD + Founder of Klinghardt Academy and Sophia Health Institute


"HUSO is the perfect complement to our treatment protocols. I find it balances the autonomic nervous system allowing patients to go more deeply within after treatments. HUSO is an excellent meditative and relaxing technique that can activate the higher levels of healing and can potentiate most other treatment modalities."

W. Lee Cowden MD

World Renowned Holistic Physician and the Founder of the American Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine (ACIM)


"I believe that HUSO sound therapy is a valuable tool in the care of patients because it can quickly increase the activity of their parasympathetic nervous system (resulting in relaxation, digestion, better sleep and healing) and simultaneously reduces their sympathetic overdrive (fight-or-flight mode). Whatever therapy the patients require can likely be made more effective by doing the HUSO first."

Dr. Anna Blessing, PhD

Owner, Tucson Biofeedback


"Our patients have been LOVING the HUSO in the clinic! They're receiving deep relaxation benefits. We combine it with frequency specific microcurrent for a transcendental experience."

Michael Pentrack

Owner 864 Lifestyle Wellness Center


This is such an amazing tool. I’ve been using it for several years now in my spa for personal use but it helps out my clients with relaxation and allowing oneself to learn to meditate. It’s one of those things that is integral to my wellness and fitness practice. 

Jamie H.

Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometric Physician Low Vision & Vision Rehabilitation Services


“One of my brain injury patients had a recent terrible sensory offset and has not been able to sleep for the last month and had several panic attacks daily. She also previously did safe and sound protocol but was unable to tolerate restarting. Once upon a time she had terrible sound intolerance prior to me doing Vision rehab. I used both light therapy and HUSO’s "Ground" program in office and she slept that night for the first time. She did not have a panic attack in the hour she was at my office. My daughter also loves it."

Dr. Louis Esquivel

San Antonio, Texas


"As a holistic physician, bringing healing and balance to the whole patient includes addressing the biological, mental/emotional/spiritual and energetic systems of the person. HUSO sound therapy has become my primary modality of choice to help patients re-center their energetics as well as bring calm, deep rest and rejuvenation to body and mind. I am grateful that I can offer my patients such an easy to implement and deeply effective therapy such as HUSO!"

Dr. Thomas Recher
Mid Island Audiology, PLLC

"HUSO is a wonderful tool to help reset your nervous system and help to regain that sense of calm that is often lost when you have ringing in the ears. It helps me to reset myself, reset my body and reset my mind."