HUSO Bands + Pads


HUSO Bands + Pads 4-Pack for use with HUSO Home Units 1.0 and 2.0
Product ships in a flat rate box.

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HUSO Wrist and Ankle Bands + Pads

These bands + pads are for the HUSO Home 1.0, Home+ 1.0, Home 2.0 and Home+ 2.0 units. This set of wrist and ankle bands includes the HUSO pads – these are the acupressure meridian disks that go inside the bands that go around your wrist. These bands + pads automatically come with your HUSO unit. If you find that your bands + pads need replacing, HUSO’s got you covered.

  • Snug Comfort Fit
  • 70% Organic Cotton, 30% Spandex
  • Zippered Pocket insert that houses the pads (the acupressure meridian disks that go inside the band)
  • 4 acupressure meridian disks (pads)
  • L and R Identified for Correct placement
  • Stretches enough to fit over Size 16 M Shoe Size

4 Bands + pads come in the small pack.

If you just need a set of bands, click here.


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Weight 4 oz