New Year, NEW YOU!

Resolve to Evolve!

Resolutions. We all make 'em.  We all break 'em. Ever wonder why it is so darned hard for most of us to keep all of those first-of-the-year well-intended promises to ourselves to be better, stronger, more successful, all-around enhanced human beings by adding certain things or subtracting certain other things from our lives? 

Perhaps part of the problem is that we take on too many changes at one time, or we don't do our homework before putting ourselves to the test. Just exactly HOW are we going to go about becoming Superwoman or a multi-millionaire, or perhaps an enlightened saint, drifting serenely down the streets of a busy chaotic city filled with irritated and impatient people, spreading sunshine to everyone we pass? We know we want to lose weight.  We want to be a kinder, gentler person. We are determined that this is the year we get healthier and stronger. This is the day we will eliminate stress. This is the moment we vow to never again yell at our annoying neighbor. But what's the plan? We are very aware of where we want to go, but most of us forget to pick up the map, plan the route and pack the suitcase. We eagerly jump off the cliff of New Years expectations without checking our parachute.

Pick One Thing

What if this year could be different? Instead of a mile long list of resolutions, what if you picked one thing... one simple easy thing to incorporate into your daily routine that has the potential to deliver a clearer mind, less stress, more restful sleep and a healthier immune system? Something you can do easily, in your own home at your convenience? 

With less stress and more sleep your body can heal itself faster, you can think better, your emotions become more stable.  This leads to more available energy on a physical level, more resilience on a mental and emotional level, and therefore more success at whatever else you attempt to accomplish.  

Make It Simple 

What if it was as easy as adding sound therapy to your life?  Certain sounds at specific frequencies can actually alter the way your body and mind work. They can shrink the part of the brain that causes anxiety, worry and depression and enhance the part of your brain responsible for memory, learning and that sense of overall well-being. The right frequencies can move you from a nerve-jangled sympathetic state to a laid-back parasympathetic state - the Holy Grail of this crazy frazzled modern world.

This can be as simple as spending 15-30 minutes a day listening to chants or unstructured wordless, repetitive acoustic or vocal music at a frequency that causes a healthy resonant response in your body and mind.  Or you can learn a chant... or make one up. As long as it consists of a short simple phrase and melody repeated over and over you are good to go. Then open your mouth and let the sound flow through you. Don't overthink it. Doesn't matter whether or not you think you can "sing."  We can all tone. When you do this you will feel the vibration in your body. You literally become a living breathing tuning fork. This is a practice that one can quickly become addicted to, one that will change your body, your mind, and your emotional landscape.

If you want a truly transformative turbo-charged experience of how profoundly the right sounds can affect lasting beneficial change in your life, consider making HUSO a part of your world this year..

HUSO sound therapy utilizes specific uniquely calibrated and enhanced sound frequencies sourced from human toning, delivered in the form of audible sound through earphones as well as oscillating vibrations through pads placed on major meridians.   

The HUSO HOME system is compact and easy to use. However don’t let its small size fool you! Many years of research and development went into creating this unique, patented “sound medicine” for the modern world. HUSO provides a powerful experience that has literally changed many people's lives for the better, allowing them to feel healthier, sleep better, stress less, think more clearly and perform at the top of their game.

Sound frequency technology is the wave of the future.  Come ride that wave with us to a healthier, more empowered life.

And Happy New Year from all of us at HUSO!

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