Let’s FOCUS: The HUSO Program for Performance, Mental Acuity, & More



Life can be hectic—work, school, deadlines, even pandemics. FOCUS is an excellent program to help redirect your mental energy toward the task at hand. Go grab a cup of tea, set up your HUSO and settle in for your session of FOCUS.

What is FOCUS?

The FOCUS program begins with a balancing mid-level tone, followed by two high-level frequencies of increasing intensity, which fine-tune your ability to focus and free your mental energy to gain easier access to problem solving as well as synthesis of new information.

You can listen to FOCUS in either a 15-minute or 30-minute segment if you are listening with the HUSO On The Go App or 30 minutes with the HUSO Home Unit.

FOCUS is popular with our HUSO users who are athletes, executives, and students, but it can benefit anyone struggling to maintain focus throughout the day.

What does it mean to be focused?

When we are focused, we can attend to our daily tasks with thoughtful precision, allowing the mind to get into flow states of productivity. We can organize our thoughts and successfully execute a project or plan without missing important details.

If you are excited about a new business idea, project, a big meeting, or presentation, having focus is an essential tool in your preparation and success! Focus is especially helpful when studying and learning new skills.


What are some signs that FOCUS is a good program for me?

If you are feeling any of the following, you might try a series of HUSO sessions running on the FOCUS program:

  • You’re not sure where to start with a new project. FOCUS can help you achieve a state of mental flow and organization that may help with insights on how to tackle a new project
  • You want to tune out distractions. We live in a fast-paced world filled with constant distractions. A 30 minute session with FOCUS will bring attention to what’s important as well as reduce your stress level so you can more easily repel distractions.
  • You are in a phase of study or learning something new. Learning new skills takes extra brain power. FOCUS helps you process new information and assists with creating organization and order in a very busy mind. To do lists, here we come!
  • You want to optimize your focus for a competition, presentation, or important meeting. Running a FOCUS HUSO session a few hours before the event, or even the night before, can help you go into your big day sharp and confident.

When is the best time to use HUSO with the FOCUS program?

FOCUS is a great program to use first thing in the morning to help you prepare for work or school as well as throughout the day. If you feel like your thoughts are all over the place, this is a perfect time to use FOCUS.

How often should I use FOCUS?

Many people run on FOCUS every day, especially during certain periods such as exam times or in the midst of a sports season. However, if you only have time to do 3 or 4 FOCUS sessions per week, you’ll still notice the difference in your mental sharpness day to day.

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