CLARITY on HUSO: Declutter Your Mind & Get Inspired

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We’re giving some key insight into CLARITY. We love this program. One of our “original six,” CLARITY is popular among entrepreneurs, teachers, athletes, and others who find themselves in key decision-making positions.

What is CLARITY on HUSO?

CLARITY consists of three mid-range tones, which are designed to help you achieve a state of mental balance, alleviate “brain fog,” and leave you calm and clear. This in turn frees up space in your mind to gain insight and inspiration to tackle complex issues and confidently move forward with big ideas.

You can listen to CLARITY in either a 15-minute or 30-minute segment if you are listening with the HUSO On The Go App or 30 minutes with the HUSO Home Unit.

CLARITY and FOCUS are very similar programs, but there are some important nuanced differences. While FOCUS is ideal for quieting the mind for the task at hand, CLARITY encourages you to see the “big picture” more vividly, so you can confidently make key decisions. In other words, CLARITY is a great program to choose to allow your mind to receive insight and process thoughts in a clear, coherent manner. 

What does it mean to have clarity?

Imagine an organized mind, free from extraneous chatter. Able to sift through the noise and envision a clear path forward amidst all the complexities that come with a project, event, or family situation. Inspired to create and confident with a “can-do” attitude. That’s optimal clarity. 

Our world of social media, instant 24/7 communication, and live streaming can be a barrier to mental clarity, as we are constantly bombarded with information—some of it useful and relevant, but many of it just noise. Likewise, stress and fatigue (both physical and emotional) can lead to “brain fog” that clouds our mental clarity. 

If this describes you, running the CLARITY  program on your HUSO can help clear away this brain fog so your mind can operate with better coherence and clarity, and in turn you make better decisions.

Is CLARITY a good HUSO program for me?

Generally speaking, yes. There are no specific contraindications for Clarity; just follow the safety guidelines we recommend for all HUSO programs (i.e., clear with your physician if you have a pacemaker or other implanted device).

You might especially benefit from CLARITY if you are:

  • Experiencing brain fog
  • Starting a big project at work or home (e.g., you are about to buy a house or hire new employees, etc.)
  • Preparing for an important event, such as a wedding, new job, or “A” race
  • Feeling a lack of inspiration in your work or hobbies

When and how often should I run on CLARITY?

If you find CLARITY helpful, it’s best to run on it once a day for maximum benefit. However, if you only have time for a couple of sessions per week, you’ll still feel a boost in mental clarity and calmness, so do what you can. 

It’s up to you what time of day you choose to run a CLARITY session. Some people like to do their HUSO session in the morning, to set the tone for the day. Others prefer it when they are naturally winding down and gathering their thoughts at the end of the day.

Questions? We’re here to help.

CLARITY is a fantastic HUSO program that we think you’ll love, so give it a try if you’re feeling a little lackluster in your mental game.

New to HUSO? We encourage you to read more about how it works, and please feel free to contact us here with any questions.

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