Taking Time to Heal and Let Go with RELEASE on HUSO


What is RELEASE?

RELEASE is a program that facilitates access to memories and resolution of old deep-rooted issues. RELEASE begins with a gently stimulating tone in the mid-frequency range to dislodge the imbalance and is followed by two low frequency range tones that calm and soothe. 

You can listen to RELEASE in either a 15-minute or 30-minute segment if you are listening with the HUSO On The Go App or 30 minutes with the HUSO Home Unit.

What does it mean to feel a sense of release?

When we experience a sense of release, we are able to let go of negative feelings (both physical and emotional) that we’ve been holding on to in our minds and bodies. Quite often, we can get “stuck” with unwanted and unhelpful influences from the past. In other words, our bodies will hold on to the emotional residue of our experiences.

Releasing the power of these negative emotions or memories is important if our goal is to enjoy optimal health and to feel calm, confident, and safe - but doing so can be challenging without help. A qualified, licensed therapist, counselor or physician can help us work through deep-seated issues. The RELEASE program on HUSO can support the work you do with a counselor—as well as facilitate the healing process—by helping your body let go of the emotional debris that’s “stuck” in your tissues. 

What are some signs that RELEASE is a good program for me?

If you are feeling any of the following, you might try running on RELEASE during your HUSO sessions: 

  • You’re anticipating interaction with more “challenging” family or old friends. RELEASE can help you feel calm, steady, and ready to let Uncle Walter recite his political views without it getting to you.
  • You think you might be holding a grudge and it’s time to let go. RELEASE can help your body relax so your mind can finish the process of understanding and forgiveness and experience inner peace.

When should I use the RELEASE program on HUSO? 

RELEASE is suitable to use any time of day, depending on what works best with your schedule. If you are using HUSO to support your work with a licensed professional, consult with them first. They may recommend running on HUSO just before you conduct therapy with them. 

Important note about using RELEASE for post-traumatic stress:

If you are working through the process of healing from past trauma and think the RELEASE program on HUSO may help you, consult with your mental health professional before you start. RELEASE is a powerful program. This makes it very effective, but for some individuals, accessing and working through old memories can be overwhelming without qualified support.

How often should I use RELEASE

One of the nice things about the HUSO home system is that it’s portable and can be a great resource if you are feeling overwhelmed or triggered during the holidays. Set up your HUSO in a quiet location and access one of the 10 unique tone programs for some additional support. RELEASE is one of the best programs to help access thoughts and feelings that you are working to resolve.

If you have questions about RELEASE, please ask us!

RELEASE can be a soothing, calming, and powerfully effective HUSO program for those who are ready to release the grip of old issues and emotions, so if this is something you would like to do, we encourage you to give it a try (again, consult your mental health professional before using RELEASE as sound therapy for trauma, PTSD, or severe anxiety). 

If you’re just learning about HUSO, we encourage you to read more about how our unique human sound therapy works and contact us with any questions.

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