Experience RELIEF From Physical Discomfort with this Powerful Program on HUSO


RELIEF is a program tailor-made to help the body alleviate physical pain and discomfort as well as reduce inflammation, so if you’ve got a marathon road trip or multiple layovers in your future, read on!

What is the RELIEF program?

RELIEF is a deliciously soothing program that aids in the relief of pain and discomfort on a physical level. It starts off with a low-frequency tone, followed by a calming mid-range tone, and ending with a comforting low-frequency tone that calibrates the body so it can effectively deal with pain and discomfort. 

You can listen to RELIEF in either a 15-minute or 30-minute segment if you are listening with the HUSO On The Go App or 30 minutes with the HUSO Home Unit.

What does it mean to feel a sense of relief?

This might seem like an obvious question—we feel relief when we break free from pain and discomfort. There are many ways to experience relief, some of them healthy, but many of them not-so-healthy in the long term. Other pain relief options are downright dangerous.

To understand how RELIEF works on HUSO, it may help to understand the role of fascia in our bodies. Fascia are the thin layers of connective tissues that lie over our muscles and (you guessed it) connect our tissues and organ systems to one another. Many of the signals our cells send to one another also travel through the fascia. Healthy fascia is pliable and moves smoothly with our muscles and joints, and information travels throughout our bodies without a hitch. When we get injured or our body is irritated, the fascia can become tough and rigid in certain areas. As a result, intercellular messages get stuck in “information traffic jams” and we may feel stiff and achy.

By using specific human sound frequencies and harmonics that travel through the fascia, RELIEF helps to unlock the “traffic jams” and reduce systemic inflammation so we can heal faster and feel better.

What are some signs that RELIEF is a good program for me?

If you are feeling any of the following, you might try running on RELIEF during your HUSO sessions: 

  • You’ve just run a marathon. Along with proper rest and healthy nutrition, RELIEF can help your body bounce back faster after physical endeavors.
  • You feel achy or stiff and lethargic. Long drives or days as a desk jockey can leave the body stiff and cranky. If you can’t move around as much as you like, you may also have poofy, swollen feet. RELIEF can help your body move the “gunk” out and lessen the aches and pains.
  • You’ve sustained an injury (with the exception of a head injury). RELIEF can be very helpful for reducing inflammation without interfering with your body’s natural healing response. In fact, HUSO helps it work better! As a non-invasive therapy, HUSO can also be used to meet the challenges of chronic inflammation and to speed healing after many types of surgery. We still recommend clearing it with your doctor first, as well as reviewing the contraindications of HUSO, as there are a few. 
  • You’re hungover. We all get carried away from time to time, and we all suffer the consequences. RELIEF (along with drinking plenty of water) can help you feel like yourself a little sooner after overindulging.

When is the best time to use HUSO with the RELIEF program? 

There’s really no bad time to run on RELIEF!  While many users report feeling wonderfully relaxed after running on RELIEF, this program will not diminish your ability to focus and get things done during the day—in fact, you’re likely to notice you can function better, because you feel better! 

How often should I use RELIEF

For optimal benefits, run HUSO on RELIEF every day during periods of discomfort. Within a few sessions, you should notice just how much better you feel. That said, if you only have time to do 3 or 4 RELIEF sessions per week, you’ll still enjoy pain relief without drugs.

Questions? Reach out to us!

If you’re hurting, give RELIEF a try on your HUSO system! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with HUSO technology, start by reading how HUSO works, and then jump into the science of sound. And as always, please reach out with any questions.

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